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Physician care at its finest.
Class of 78
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Welcome School of Health Professions Alumni!

Our Alumni Association is 5 years old and I am very excited to begin my service as the 3rd President of the Health Professions Alumni Board.  My aim is to continue to build a strong network of alumni volunteers and proud representatives of each program.  The School of Health Professions at EVMS currently includes 11 individual programs all of which are growing and expanding. The School of Health Professions has emerged as a major component in pushing the vision of EVMS forward into a new era with numbers of students that outnumber the medical school.  We want you to be involved as the need for networking and EVMS talent will continue to grow as well! 

Getting involved is easy.  The first step is to simply fill out a profile on the alumni website.  Update your information with your latest address, email and phone numbers so we can share the most recent news. Second, become a volunteer.  Serve on the alumni board, mentor a student or help prepare students for the interviews.   Of course, we also encourage your support by donating to the Annual Fund.  We welcome your participation in any area and at any level. 

The face of EVMS is changing too.  No doubt the campus looks different from when you may have attended.  The addition of the Harry T. Lester Education Research Building has provided 100,000 square feet of state-of-the art educational technology and homes for the HP programs!  The Center for Simulated Learning continues to grab global attention and all of the HP programs have access to these resources to continue to evolve health profession education.  We would love for you to return to campus at any time.  Our board is growing and we continue to seek ways for graduates to interact with current students to provide real-world experientials for our students.  It is a great day to be a Health Professions graduate!  

Reinvigorate your EVMS connection! 
Kerry Kruk, MS Art Therapy ‘04
EVMS School of Health Professions Alumni Association